Full Name
Emma Norton
Job Title
Executive Director
The ReCover Initiative
Speaker Bio
Motivated by the climate emergency, Emma has been working in Canada’s energy sector for nearly a decade, specifically in the areas of energy efficiency and deep energy retrofits. She is currently working as the Operations Director for the ReCover Initiative and the Atlantic Director for the Climate Emergency Unit.
Emma has a certificate in Building Science and Net Zero Building Design from Yestermorrow Design/Building School in Vermont. She achieved the University Medal in Environment, Sustainability and Society (ESS), and combined honours in ESS and International Development Studies from the University of King’s College/ Dalhousie University. She holds her levels 1 and 2 in Co-Resolve, Deep Democracy Facilitation. Previously Emma worked at QUEST, a community energy planning non-profit, and before that she worked on the Energy Team at the Ecology Action Centre, Nova Scotia’s environmental watch-dog.
Emma Norton