Full Name
Brendan McEwen
Job Title
Managing Consultant
Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors
Speaker Bio
Brendan supports utility, government and private-sector clients in developing and implementing strategies to decarbonize the transportation and building sectors.
Brendan has been central to some of North America’s most innovative climate policies and programs, and has been a central figure in the energy transition in his home province of British Columbia. Notably, as a city staff person in Richmond, BC, he led development of the world’s first 100% “EV Ready” parking requirement, which is now widely recognized as the global best practice to future-proof new construction for EV charging.

Brendan has also played a leading role in building decarbonization policy. His achievements include representing the Union of BC Municipalities for three years on the BC Energy Step Code Council, and in that capacity negotiating the BC Energy Step Code. Subsequently, consulting to the BC Local Government Peer Network, Brendan helped multiple BC municipalities integrate carbon performance in their building requirements; many of his recommendations were ultimately incorporated in the Province of BC’s Zero Carbon Step Code. In 2023, on behalf of the Home Performance Stakeholder Council, he led a multistakeholder process to develop a Roadmap for mandatory workforce certifications in BC for residential HVAC work, which will be important to ensuring a skilled workforce during the transition to low carbon HVAC systems, among other projects.
Brendan McEwen