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Pierre Langlois
Job Title
Speaker Bio
Pierre is the president of Econoler, a recognized energy efficiency consulting firm evolving at the Canadian and international level. Graduating in mechanical engineering, he has been involved in the energy efficiency market for the last 35 years. He has developed an impressive expertise in the design and implementation of adapted financing mechanisms for EE including the use of Energy Performance contracting in Canada and in more than 60 countries.
He has been on the board on many national and organizational organizations promoting the needed expertise for the use of EE including the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) (organization that develops, maintain and promote the IPMVP on measurement and verification of energy savings) for which he has been chairman on the board and currently act as past chair. He currently acts as the president of the SOFIAC, a Super ESCO scheme that financed and implements projects nationwide through the use of a shared savings mechanism.
Pierre Langlois