Interactive Round Tables - Round 1
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Kevin Lockhart Katie Wheatley Michel Méthot

Each round table has a different topic and attendees can select the round table that they would like to participate in. Round table leaders will spend the first 15 minutes meeting the delegates and providing a case study / lessons learned log / industry update and then moderate a 30-minute discussion with the group where they can give feedback and ask questions. The final 10 –15 minutes will be spent on agreeing on 3 -5 industry recommendations regarding the topic. A selection of these recommendations will be shared with the whole audience and all of them will be summarized in the post-event report.


  • Industry exchange: Reviewing the added value of innovative financing and service offer in the market - Leader: Michel Méthot, Executive Vice president, Eastern Canada, SOFIAC 

  • Case study: Heat pump replacements – Mapping out the real energy costs
  • Industry update: Level-setting dialogue on codes: What you need to know and how to prepare
    This round table industry update will include: what is happening across the provinces and what level of adoption is taking place, how the new Canadian Board for Harmonized Construction Codes (CBHCC)      operates and how to engage them; and an update on what the new code for existing buildings will     mean for real estate owner/developers? - Leader: Kevin Hart, Efficiency Canada 
  • Lessons learned: Effectively integrating EV charging infrastructure within retrofit programs 
  • Industry exchange: What is the future of Energy Service Performance Contracts (ESPC): Taking the risks out of energy efficiency building retrofits and how to make them go further than traditional low-hanging fruit I.e. 50%/+ energy savings 
  • Lessons learned: How to address long payback periods by improving existing materials to reduce energy requirements 
  • Industry exchange: What is the role of the investment community in fostering climate resiliency in real estate? - Leader: Katie Wheatley, Head of Canada, Principles for Responsible Investment 
  • Lessons learned: How to stage the benefits, including climate resiliency and adaptation, of retrofit projects for Condo assets  
  • Industry exchange: What are the key affordability and equity considerations when planning a retrofit?
  • Industry exchange: How to quantify non-energy benefits of retrofits, including health and well-being, to help strengthen the business case