What our past clients say about this conference?

"Retrofitting our existing buildings and homes will in large part determine how effectively we reduce emissions in this country. We need conferences like Retrofit Canada Conference that empower us with examples and ideas on how to scale up change."

Akua Schatz
VP, Market Engagement and Advocacy
Canada Green Building Council

"We are all aware that 75% of Canada's buildings will still be here in 2050 and that they contribute significantly to energy waste and carbon emissions... AND that we are not doing enough to address this mounting issue. Energy Services Association of Canada and its members are delighted to participate in a conference dedicated to addressing this problem. Working closely with our US counterpart, NAESCO and other allied Canadian organizations, towards a North American solution to retrofitting our building stock in a responsible manner."

Stuart Galloway
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Services Association Canada


"A conference dedicated to retrofitting existing buildings is needed now, more than ever. Our aging buildings are due for an overhaul, and we expect more than half of them will still be in operation as of 2050. We need to get fossil fuels out of our homes and buildings and prepare them for extreme weather in a changing climate."

Betsy Agar
Senior Analyst, Buildings and Urban Solutions
Pembina Institute