Global perspectives panel: How to create new business models to help engage new stakeholders into the retrofit market
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 4:10 PM - 5:00 PM
Betsy Agar Janice Ashworth Lynne J Strickland Sharon Coward

This session will include a review of some international examples of business models and how they are helping to engage and incentivize and offer equity to new stakeholders at scale, particularly single-home residences and community housing projects. The session will then open up to discuss how to take these key learning opportunities forward in Canada.
Potential examples:
•    Energiesprong – The Netherlands / UK
•    NYSERDA: Retrofit NY, New York
•    Rocky Mountain Institute, REALIZE
Key questions:
•    How do these models help to broker deals between portfolio owners and solution providers and how prefabrication facilitates performance warranties?
•    How do these models help to alleviate the burden on homeowners?
•    What has proven to be more effective financial incentives or penalties? And is this only part of the picture?
•    How could these models be adapted to the Canadian market whilst avoiding the risk of inflated costs? 
•    What is required in terms of mandatory building rating systems and appliance performance standards?
•    Should individual homeowners shoulder the financial burden of retrofits?
•    What additional infrastructure would need to be in place to scale it up (IE market mechanisms in the form of concierge services)?