Capacity Strategy Panel: How can a workforce be built to support Canada’s growing retrofit sector?
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 13, 2023, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Lynne J Strickland Richard Marshall Cebert Adamson Samir Khan Chris Habets

To start meeting the latest industry targets of 4 -5% annual retrofits, the industry must be transformed. To build out the capacity required to support the development of a mass retrofit industry requires a fundamental system change. This in turn would help to achieve the build out of the financing structure, supply chains, job creation, capacity and skill sets, and reduce material and labour costs.
Talking points:

•    How can a workforce, including capacity and skill sets, be built to support this? 
•    Which projects are the right ones to group together and replicate to drive economies of scale and help the market to scale effectively?
•    What else is needed in terms of the key project partners (pre-fabrication, financing, and concierge services)? 
•    Would the creation of a specialized contractor designation – a skilled tradesperson who is trained to deal with all the various elements of retrofits help to reduce decision-making complexities for owner/developers? 
•    The Federal government has committed to NetZero emissions – what does this mean for the supply chain to be compliant?    
•    How do people finance their participation in these programs and who should be financing them?