Interactive Round Tables: Policy & Deep Energy Retrofits + Site Tour
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 2:10 PM - 3:30 PM
Elyse Henderson Trina Kennedy Darla Simpson Sarah Herb Olivia Sieniewicz, P.Eng. James Burrow Jonathan De Luca Stephane Pressault Matt Poirier S. Mwarigha Sharane Simon Kevin Lockhart Greg Dennis, P.Eng. Gabriela Mercado Brent Downey Grace Suri Mathieu Côte


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Interactive Round Tables: Policy & Deep Energy Retrofits

Round 1
Each round table has a different topic and attendees can select the round table that they would like to participate in. Round table leaders will spend the first 15 minutes meeting the delegates and providing a case study / lessons learned log / industry update and then moderate a 30-minute discussion with the group where they can give feedback and ask questions. The final 10 –15 minutes will be spent on agreeing on 3 -5 industry recommendations regarding the topic. A selection of these recommendations will be shared with the whole audience and all of them will be summarized in the post-event report.

  1. Utility best practices in data sharing for building performance standards (BPS)
    Elyse Henderson, BC Hydro
    Trina Kennedy, Buildings Division of Office of Energy Efficiency Natural Resources Canada
  2. You Want to do What? Managing Retrofits with Tenants in Place
    Darla Simpson, Zero Emissions Innovation Centre (ZEIC)
  3. What is needed to develop an Utility incentive program for Deep Energy Retrofits
    Sarah Herb, FortisBC Energy Inc. 
    Olivia Sieniewicz, FortisBC Energy Inc. 
  4. Conversion retrofits: How and when it makes sense to perform retrofits from a financial and decarbonization perspective.
    James Burrow, BMO Capital Markets
  5. Reserved for Bird Construction
  6. Municipalities leading the charge: Case studies on funding and implementing deep energy retrofit projects
    Jonathan De Luca, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
    Stephane Pressault, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  7. From one to done: exploring the potential of area-based planning to scale-up decarbonization
    Matt Poirier, Building Decarbonization Alliance (BDA)
  8. Non-Profit Leadership in Sustainability & Building Retrofit
    S. Mwarigha, WoodGreen Community Services
  9. Cross-Border Insights: Leveraging Lessons from the United States for Advancing Mandatory Building Performance Standards in Canada
    Sharane Simon, Efficiency Canada
    Kevin Lockhart, Efficiency Canada
    Greg Dennis, P.Eng., Township of Langley
  10. Reserved for BOMA Canada     
  11. Retrofitting for Climate Adaptation and Resilience
    Gabriela Mercado, BC Housing
  12. The City of Calgary’s corporate and community initiatives for building decarbonization, climate resilience, and climate equity
    Brent Downey, The City of Calgary
    Grace Suri, The City of Calgary
  13. The blind spot in the energy transition: capacity building and its key role in getting the job done.
    Mathieu Côte, CIET