Interactive Round Tables: Climate Resilience, Financing & Equity + Site Tour 
Date & Time
Thursday, June 13, 2024, 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
Sharon Coward Josephine Schrott Dylan Heerema Eric Visser Peter Amerongen Chanpreet Singh Ahsan Mirza Kathleen Heymans Jessica Martin-Thompson


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Interactive Round Tables: Climate Resilience, Financing & Equity

Round 2 
Each round table has a different topic and attendees can select the round table that they would like to participate in. Round table leaders will spend the first 15 minutes meeting the delegates and providing a case study/lessons learned log/industry update and then moderating a 30-minute discussion with the group where they can give feedback and ask questions. The final 10 –15 minutes will be spent on agreeing on 3 -5 industry recommendations regarding the topic. A selection of these recommendations will be shared with the whole audience and all of them will be summarized in the post-event report.


  1. Reserved for Alberta Eco-Trust
  2. Case study: Social Housing Retrofit Accelerator project
    Sharon Coward, EnviroCentre
  3. Case study: Low carbon retrofits 
  4. Advancing tenant’s rights to retrofits and energy efficiency
    Josephine Schrott, EcoTrust Canada
    Dylan Heerema, EcoTrust Canada
  5. Reserved for Vancity Community Investment Bank
    Eric Visser, Vancity Community Investment Bank
  6. How to plan effective staged retrofits if you can’t do it all at once
    Peter Amerongen, Retrofit Canda
  7. Structuring energy retrofits for project financing
    Ahsan Mirza, Mcmillan LLP
  8. Case study: GHG emission reduction in existing building for DHW
    Chanpreet Singh, Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada 
  9. Scaling the impact of residential efficiency financing programs with private sector investment
    Kathleen Heymans, FCM
  10. Enhancing local capacity - the role of increasing local capacity in rural communities to enable equitable access to healthy homes.
    Jessica Martin-Thompson, Community Energy Association